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getting the right fit


Footwear Fit

Every foot is different.  There are two ways to address this when shopping online:

1 - Compare your well-fitting current footwear sizes to those that you're buying.

2 - A robust return policy.

Please confirm your sizes and check against those of the fitting charts for whichever type of footwear you're considering.

If you order the wrong size, email, send them back, and we'll do our best to make it right!

Footwear Sizing Charts

Clothing Fit

Just like with footwear, clothing fits everyone a bit differently.  Have a look at the sizing charts and use your currently-fitting clothing as a guide.  Again, if it's not right, email and we'll try to sort the issue out!



Not often does dissatisfaction with  accessories boil down to fit.  If there's a problem with fit let us know, that'd be interesting.  If there's any manufacturer defect with any product let us know and we'll work to either fix, replace, or otherwise re-start the process.




Travelling is sometimes dangerous.  Should a piece of equipment, clothing, or footwear fail you at any time, identify it to and we will investigate as possible, however the nature of outdoor activity is sometimes simply arduous.  Baselayer Equipment cannot be responsible for injury, loss of life, or damage/destruction to clothing and/or equipment at any time when used unreasonably.

Please don't get hurt out there!  Don't take risks if you don't need to!

Significant care has been taken to ensure the information contained in this site is accurate at the time of publication. The information is intended as guidance only and Baselayer Equipment accepts no liability for claims arising directly or indirectly out of reliance placed solely on the information contained in this site.


Unused/undamaged clothing or equipment can be returned with the buyer paying return shipping from location to Kingston.  Please coordinate with

Next-to-skin items like underwear or base-layers themselves are not eligible for return once shipped.